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Jinshan Temple

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Location: Zhenjiang
Address: Jinshan Park, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,21200
Fee: 45 Yuan/ticket
Operation: 6:00 – 18:00, Monday – Sunday
Schedule may be changed during festivals or events
Route: Bus: No. 2, 8, 34, 102, 104
Taxi: All cab drivers know the address

Phone: 86-511-551 2992

Jinshan Temple, also Golden Hill Temple, is located atop of Jinshan Hill in the center of Jinshan Park. The temple became well known due to the Emperor Kangxi’s visits during the Qing Dynasty and was involved in numerous popular folk legends in the Chinese history.

Jinshan Temple was built some 1,600 years ago on Jinshan Hill on the site where gold was found and has since then become a symbol of the city. The temple is visible from far away - it climbs up the sides of a hill along the flat flood plains of the Yangzi River, and its pagoda dramatically crowns the summit of the hill. The Temple is in fact a structural complex comprising multiple temples and Buddhist halls.

The temple initially achieved its popularity in the Tang Dynasty, and has since then been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Watching the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival on the hill remains a favourite amusement for many locals and tourists.

Jinshan Park is a well-known national 4-AAAA tourist attraction and is one of the best ten tourist sites in the East of China. Jinshan temple has a history of more than 1,600 years and was involved in many legends such as “Tales of White Snake” and “Outlaws of Marsh”. Highly recommended.

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